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So this is my song “Without You” which was inspired by the movie Moulin Rouge, easily my #1 favorite movie of all time. In Christian/Ewan McGregor’s final moments with Satine/Nicole Kidman, she tells him to go on with his life after she has died, to which he replies “But I can’t go on without you”. which is the reasoning for the title. 

I hope you guys also enjoyed the background, as it was some of the most powerful scenes for me in the movie Moulin Rouge that I hoped would attribute to my sound I was going for in this song. In short… THE FEELS. THE FEELS.

In case you are extremely bored, just remember I also have a music channel now at:

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Our Dubstep mix from Playlist Live 2014 is now up! Listen with caution, your face may bleed from raw bass injection.

Here’s one of my newest soundcloud songs entitled “Sailing Home” that’s pretty unfinished. No lyrics or vocals but it still sounds pretty as balls. :D

So here is my mix from this year’s Playlist Live! We practiced for 2 months and made the entire mix perfect before getting on and rocking this bitch for the 3rd year in a row! Thanks everyone who came out and danced, and this is for ALL you guys who didn’t get to go to Playlist this year and see what you missed out on, AND for you people who went to playlist and just want to relive the awesomeness! <3

Just uploaded one of my sound cloud songs to youtube and made a cool visualizer for it :D ENJOY :D

A song I’ve worked on the past few days :D Help me name it? Leave comments on the song on Soundcloud!


Hey guys so a ton of you have asked me where I get my music for my videos, and a lot of the time, my answer is I make it lol. So I helped work on this project where you’ll be able to use my music in your videos as well, all you need to do is put in an email and you get 5 of my songs, including the track I used in IDEK 9 1/2! :D Check it out :D

Easily one of my favorite songs in like all existence. It’s so beautiful in such a weird way. It reminds me a lot of the music I make myself. If you like my instrumental work, you’ll like this song :D

My fave song right now :P

Music is different to everyone.
To some, it’s their life.
to others, their salvation.
to few, it’s acceptance.
But one thing music should never be is unheard.
Destery Smith

I made this rough draft in like… 25 minutes so no judgement on sound/EQ PLEEZ xD

Backstory: So my friend was watching this documentary called “The girl who makes Miracles” and This particular Piano spoke to me. I took it upon myself to make a song around what I heard and have it make it as emotionally spoken as the original, if not more so. Leave comments? :D


Hey this may be weird but if you want to see new music from me in the form of like a summer EP, you can create your own lyrics and melody to 2 of my songs that are on soundcloud:

Balloon Party:

And Let’s Stay Young:

And it might just be what I’m looking for to make these songs/gather ideas for them :)

If you have a good melody, make a video and it send it to me on here or twitter @capndesdes

Let’s stay young lyric ideas:

Balloon Party lyric ideas:

Nathan and I Djing playlist live 2013. We dropped it hard after the 5 minute intermission we took to catch our breath. here it is though, enjoy! 

The entire mixed version of all the songs we played at Playlist Live! Enjoy :D

New Capndesdes video! My favorite music! you like any of the same music as me?