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My latest WTF news! RIP Robin Williams. I’ll see you in Neverland :P

NEW WTF NEWS! Check it out, I’m super happy about this one :D



I’m about 6 days into album production, and OMG, everything sounds SO GOOD, Im so happy with the way everything is sounding. The way things have been going, I should have the sucker done in about 2 months or so, and then its all up to the company I’m working with on whether they put it out immediately :D I can’t wait for you guys to hear it though :P

it seems like everyone poops so calmly!! AM I DOING IT WRONG?!

it seems like everyone poops so calmly!! AM I DOING IT WRONG?!

Check out my new WTF NEWS! Im really proud of this show so thank you guys for supporting me <3

Its that time again! NEW EPISODE OF WTF NEWS! This one is ridiculous. Swiss cheese on a guys dick for money, Stuck in a vagina, a dude robbing a house and then getting on Facebook in the guys house, violent road rage, and the new TMNT movie trailer! check it out!

NEW VIDEO! Best of Recap videos from the past year! I started the Recap videos in May of 2013, and here we are a year and a month later! Be sure to stick around for “THE FEELS” reel at the very end!!

New WTF NEWS! Check out spider-man’s boner in real life!

ALSO leave some nice comments on there <3

New Bloopers video! I seriously couldn’t stop laughing at my fucking face being rubber banded.

Also, if you liked that last song I posted, check this one out, it’s been my jam since mid 2013. SO GOOOOOOD.

New Capndesdes QNA!! 

My mom caught me having sex?!

New WTF NEWS! See what Britain’s oldest prostitite looks like! I personally think she’s a big old sack of pure sexiness.

this week’s WTF news!! :O Check it out! :D

NEW VIDEO! Nathan and I did the “Best Friend Tag”!! See which of us is the worst friend! :P REBLOG FOR DA LOVES!!!