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Capndesdes :D, Newest Capndesdes Q+A! I’m very curious to know if...

Newest Capndesdes Q+A! I’m very curious to know if you guys have been happier with my more frequent video uploads?

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  3. creerias answered: YES
  4. i-took-a-tumbl answered: Of course! But i’ve always been happy with your vids sweetheart! :3
  5. ink-ku answered: Yessssssssss
  6. neonacidx answered: Anything you post Destery, is pure poetry.
  7. kibby-kat answered: Very happy :)
  8. scenestyleblog answered: Yes
  9. fireynunchucks answered: yes!! im loving it :)
  10. sociopathic-saint answered: Yeap, every video you upload makes my day, so the more frequently you post, the more often I’m happy :D
  11. sumaliworld answered: oh yes. ;)
  12. hiheyhelloleyla answered: YES! :)
  13. skinwalkr answered: i’d give tons of rat teeth if you kept it up :)
  14. monon0ke answered: I think they’re all FANTASTIC (:
  15. raeannequinn answered: whats the craziest thing that ever happend to you in public
  16. knee-high-socks-and-skinny-jeans answered: Extremely Happy! :)
  17. xxxskatergirlxxx answered: Hellz yea bichz!!
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  19. doctorwho0290 answered: i am super happy with anything you do Destery
  20. his-smile-never-reached-his-eyes answered: shit yeah precious!
  21. mermaliciousari answered: yes! we love them!
  22. annpinsonrebecca answered: I don’t give a rat tooth….do what you want.
  23. lovelymerri answered: yeeeees, :D
  24. imagine-dream-wish answered: YES!!! more frequent video uploads= happy me!
  25. brandnewcats answered: hahahah your videos are alwasys funny. Im glad i found you.P.S i know how u feel my hammer cheated on me with a ball