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Capndesdes :D, My latest Q+A! Would you buy “WENCHES” on iTunes?

My latest Q+A! Would you buy “WENCHES” on iTunes?

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  4. dannydrawn answered: hell yea
  5. eventualdeath answered: Duhh
  6. flyaway-bluebirds answered: Dude come to Palm Bay. No body cool fucking comes to Palm Bay! It makes life a living hell hole DX ♥
  7. whatafiggit answered: Oh my god it made me jizz rainbow candy corns
  8. love-and-dubstep answered: Fuck yes. I loved it.
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  11. sha-day-day answered: Hell yeah I’d buy ‘Wenches’ on youtube!
  12. ddsweetie answered: Hell yeah!!!
  13. forever-and-again said: i would buy wenches!! :o :)
  14. hockeygirl31 answered: Yes. Yes I would… Who wouldn’t!?
  15. twoheartsoneshipformer answered: Yes
  16. rather-be-dead-than-c00l answered: Yes. Yes I would.
  17. ihappentolikeyourface answered: I would. :D
  18. doublecinemaseats answered: I would indeed.
  19. destitutetime answered: Ohyes. Very much yes…imagine that going off in class.
  20. heartsonfiretonightatl answered: sure it way better thanjstin biebers version
  21. lost---youth answered: Fuck to the yeeeeeeeees!
  22. theadventuresoflexisykes answered: Of course my darling <3